King And Queen Of Sleep Chapter I -Valkyrie and Unknown Knight-

I am Kie, 22 years old, and I grow up as a princess in Airo Kingdom. I have short tempered father, and a patience mother. Until now, my mother still helped this kingdom as an arch-mage rather than as a queen. And last, I have my little brother, he is my twin little brother, named as Kai. And now, I’m in this kingdom know as front line captain with my brother rather than princess and prince.

30 years ago, my father run away from civil war and built this kingdom. Now, it has stable situation as my father caring his people. As a lot of adventurer come and work in this kingdom, the economy situation is also stable. Also there’s a low tax system so he is gaining people’s favor. Because of that, this kingdom accountant always had a headache. As in my father’s blood, I also have his personalities that I like slipping out from castle. I like city’s festival and going to guild.

“hey, lady with conspicuous attire over there”

Suddenly I heard a man’s voice in this crowd


“yes, in this crowd only you that wear that conspicuous attire”

When I see him,  he is wearing a capped mantle, isn’t he that wearing conspicuous attire?

“are you even from this kingdom?”

“how did you know”

“A lot of Airo’s people know me, if you’re not knowing me, there’s 80% chance that you aren’t from this kingdom”

“also look at that weird clothes, why you wearing a capped mantle in this kingdom”

“ugghh… I’m sorry that I’m wearing this, my job need this kind of clothes”

“so, are you  an assassin? another country spy? though if you are one I can call the guard”

“no, please forgive me, I’m just a humble adventurer with a fortune teller as my job”

“heee… a fortune teller, not like I care”

“So do you want to try it? If you don’t believe it, just take a grain salt, or just take a little caution about it”

“How much?”

“in the end you want to try, isn’t it?”

“yeah, i want to try it and if it doesn’t come true i will laugh it on your face, hahhahaha”

“please forgive me from that one, it’s 5 ewu”


“please let me look at your hand”

I give my right hand, it’s true that I didn’t trust a fortune telling, but i can’t shake my bad felling if he tell something bad. Maybe i will take some caution like he said.


“is there something wrong”

“lady.. please forgive me…”

his hand shaking, is there something not right with my hand, or he really did see something bad in in my life, i feel anxious

“please tell what you saw”

“soon, you, your twin, and this kingdom will through a great change”

I know that I didn’t believe a fortune teller, but why he know that I have a twin brother, but now something that bother me is…

” a great change?”

“something big, something evil will come”


“be careful lady, I will pray for your fortune”

that man leave in a hurry and dropped a map


there written “secret underground passage”. Because I feel something important about this map, in the end I keep it

When I arrive at home, as usual, Kai greet me

“Welcome,where have you been”

his face shows that ‘if you wanna go out, why you are not inviting me?’

“as usual, just strolling around”



“why you are NOT inviting me?”

“cause you always nagging, can’t stop talking, what if father’s know that I like slipping out”


“oh god, seriously”

I walk to my room and think about what that man said, and then..

“are you alright?”

“before, when I’m taking a stroll, I met a fortune teller, and he said that a big change will come to us and this kingdom”

“………Did you believe it?”

“I didn’t believe it, but it always in my mind, i can’t shake it off”

“Whatever will be, I will always protect you, and mother”

I smiled when i heard Kai’s word, a word that a hundred, no, a thousand times he said it to me. But I never bored to hear it.

“I will do my best”